UCC Coffee are our strategic partners for coffee and coffee related equipment. Together we work with the world’s premium suppliers and manufacturers and provide our clients with over 400 tonnes of coffee beans every year.

We’ve partnered with UCC Coffee for a number of years now. They’re a family owned company with the experience and scale to deliver coffee excellence at all levels. From their roastery in Kent they can provide everything from single origin coffees, to a range of beans and filter coffee solutions to suit all markets and budgets.

Together we provide our clients with over 400 tonnes of coffee beans every year; that equates to more than 100 million cups of coffee. All of our coffee can be traced from crop to cup and we also provide clients with a range of ethically sourced coffee.

To provide the best possible coffee experience, quality training is essential. UCC Coffee are top of the class and support with comprehensive training, auditing and toolkits. They also work with the world’s premium equipment manufacturers exclusively in the UK.

Together we’ve created a market-leading total coffee solution which helps our clients deliver a fantastic product and first class service in a fiercely competitive market.

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