Everyone Active is the consumer brand managed by Sports & Leisure Management Limited (SLM), the leading and longest established leisure management company in the UK. Operating over 150 leisure and cultural facilities, SLM successfully manages these facilities in partnership with 45 local authorities. With an annual food spend of over £3 million, we provide procurement services to support all cafes and vending solutions.

Improving the health and wellbeing of local communities
SLM prides itself on being a community-focused company, with a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of local communities. With health and nutrition being two key measures of success, we have an ongoing focus on moving ranges to healthier alternatives. Our team of procurement specialists work closely with our suppliers to look at innovative products that are healthy whilst tasting great.  For example we’ve introduced more popcorn options, yoghurt bars, confectionary lines that contain 30% less sugar and moved 80% of the cold drink range to low or zero sugar options.

We deliver against your definition of value
We deliver against your definition of value, whatever that may be. Knowing SLM value health and wellbeing, our procurement experts work to deliver innovative solutions to improve the nutritional value of the products in their supply chain. Take ice slushies for example.  They’re a great way of staying cool, but unfortunately they’re notoriously high in sugar.  Our team worked to deliver a bespoke ice slushy solution using real fruit juice.  The result is two brand new products with reduced sugar levels that taste great.  A popular option they also generate savings of 20%.

The right solution for every environment
Vended coffee is a key range for SLM with more than 220,000 cups sold per annum.  Collectively, our clients sell over 100 million cups of coffee every year. That’s enough coffee to make our clients the fourth largest coffee retailer in the UK! We work behind the scenes to deliver hot beverage expertise and support our clients with access to compelling offers and the latest innovations. For SLM this means managing their vending tenders and delivering on what matters most; quality & taste, machine excellence and service levels.

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