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If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know Foodbuy is always at the cutting edge of both technology and food procurement. As a specialist group procurement organisation our aim is to ensure we continue to provide first-class food procurement services that meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Our market-leading eProcurement systems are another step in this direction.

“eProcurement” is the term used to describe software-based automation of procurement processes, enabling users to easily make B2B purchases. eProcurement covers the entire process. From the initial approval of the order, to placing the order, to receiving the order into the supplier’s system and finally, through to the invoicing and delivery of the goods or services.

More and more businesses are turning to eProcurement
More and more organisations, both with inhouse and outsourced procurement services, from a variety of sectors, are using eProcurement platforms and profiting from the many advantages they bring. We’re talking improved control over spend and reduced time spent on manual tasks. Companies and government bodies alike are exploring how to shift away from traditional procurement services and adopting an eProcurement system.

The benefits of eProcurement are both immediate and strategic.

Immediate benefits
Immediate benefits include quicker, more compliant processes, the ability to make faster decisions, and improve productivity, in addition to slicker processes for onboarding catering food suppliers, and a reduction in invoicing errors.

Strategic benefits
These include overall risk management, more accurate business forecasting, aligning the supply base to a new growth strategy or instilling an ethical code of practice and transparency throughout the supply chain. Considering the pressure on profit margins across the foodservice sector, it’s not surprising businesses lacking in formal procurement services are struggling to compete. Perhaps this is one reason why eProcurement seems to be taking an increasingly strategic position in many organisations.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say about eProcurement:

“Foodbuy makes eProcurement really easy. They provide dedicated support to get you up and running and the business benefits are far reaching. We know exactly what our business is ordering which is great from both a supply chain integrity perspective and for making sure we are buying smart.”

Julian Clarke, Director, Red Mist Leisure

Our eProcurement system is called Foodbuy Online; it’s easy to use and has embedded analytics that show where significant savings can be made. Processes are streamlined so our food procurement partners can spend their time on things that really matter, like securing that new deal, serving a customer or making contact with new consumers.

If you would like to start the conversation about eProcurement, you can call Richard Acey on 01895 554 319.

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